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NIkki gaither



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I started dancing in the small coastal town of Newport, Oregon at the age of 4 and never stopped. My training originated in ballet, but grew to encompass many other genres as I got older, including (but not limited to) hip hop, break dancing, cheer, jazz, tumbling, hula, and Tahitian. I've always been passionate about dance, but considered it a hobby until 2008 when I was given the opportunity to teach at The Dance Factory in Eugene, OR.  I was originally hesitant to take on the classes, as I already had a full time job, but was told it would just be a temporary fill to help out the dance studio owner while they searched for a permanent instructor.  5 years later, I was still teaching there...

In 2013 I decided to move to Portland and pursue dance as a career. I started teaching at Studio One Dance Academy, where I still teach today, and after a year or so I started getting all these wedding dance and flash mob opportunities sent my way. The more of them I did, the more I realized how much I enjoyed them. Dance is filled with emotion and bringing that expression into a wedding environment, on potentially the most important day of ones life? Or helping someone surprise the one they love?  Well, the feeling of watching that unfurl is indescribable. I fell in love with watching LOVE through movement and decided I wanted to do more and more of it. And then I started asking myself "WHY are people contacting a studio for 3-18 year olds when they need wedding or special event services?" And after searching around I didn't feel like that niche was filled in Portland, so I threw my hat in the ring and started my own business, PDX Flash Mob.

I love creating flash mobs and wedding dances because the motivation and intention behind the projects are simply to have fun and to bring happiness to others. I get people up and moving who don't usually dance and get to work on the most unique, creative projects with the most fun people!  I can't wait to see what gets thrown my way next and to watch this business continue to evolve.