Package 3: The Basic Package

*Includes choreography and as many private lessons as desired.

"The dance was sooo much fun and that was really the most important thing as you rightly said. Going to dance class was really good for us as a couple and reminded us about how fun wedding planning is" - Dalia N.


Pricing varies based on several variables, mainly duration/quantity of private lessons desired, availability and location. Please email us directly at with your flash mob package request and we'll get back to you shortly with an estimate.

Package 1: The "Whole She-bang"/Event Planner Package

*Includes choreography, private lessons, videos and social media "private group" management, dancer auditions and recruitment, costume sourcing and ordering, a dress rehearsal at the wedding site, coordination with wedding planners, and being on hand the day of your big event to ensure everything goes as planned. Additional requests may be added as needed.

We specialize in first dances and flash mobs and can meet any budget! Here are a few of our signature packages you can choose from:

"Cassie's Quincenera was amazing!!! And it could not have been so beautiful and so much fun without you!!! Thank you so very much!!! The waltz and the surprise dance were a total success! Our guests loved them both, and commented how the kids looked amazing dancing and how the choreography was fantastic! But the value was not only in the final product. The kids had so much fun at practices and enjoyed so much working hard to get ready for the big day! All the way through your professionalism and fun teaching style inspired them to just enjoy and have fun while doing it! Aren't these the real reasons why we should all dance? Thank you again for making this memory a treasure in our hearts!" ~Rosy B.

Package 4: The Choreography Only Package

*Great for anyone on a budget, this package includes full choreography and one private lesson where you can videotape the routine and learn it on your own at home!

PDX Flash Mob

Package 2: The "Day of" Package

*Includes choreography, private lessons, videos and social media "private group" management, and being on hand the day of the flash mob to ensure everything goes smoothly.